Lessons in Becoming a New Rugby Union Referee


Welcome to newrugbyref.me. I am learning to become a Rugby Union Referee and this site is a way of capturing and sharing the lessons that I have learned on the way.

I have never played rugby but I love the game, I turn 50 this year, I am up for a challenge, and I like doing things which are tricky, keep me fit and that I learn from.

You will find things discussed here that have mystified me (and possibly continue to), things I have learned, resources I have used, tips that I have been given, and thoughts I have had, and help I have received.

Hopefully you will find this interesting, entertaining and (if you are also becoming a new rugby referee), possibly useful.

Feel free to comment on any of the posts here with hints and tips, help, challenge or just sympathy.

Hopefully, if you are also on the journey to become a new Rugby Union referee, or you are helping someone else to become one, this site will help in some way to see what the experience is like, the mistakes I have made and lessons learned, and the resources that I used to improve on the way.

The site is deliberately anonymous. I will not use the names of players, coaches, helpers, or clubs that I encounter along the way. That way it doesn’t become personal and I don;t have to work too hard to protect the privacy and reputation of those I write about.